Monthly Archives: February 2016

Stroke to Seizure

Irises clogged with passing shreds of something that might be himself, he breathes, blowing heavy through tight lips. the sounds of the TV bruised by the thickness of the dread-built nightmares standing in the room. One can feel the world … Continue reading

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Murder in Blank Spaces

Tied to an exterior support beam of a house hidden by trees,  a man screams, hands clasped together, wrapped in adhesive red tape. The sounds of the whip claps across his back like bemused applause. A camera watches, a man, … Continue reading

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Dominance and Dominion

And so the carnival rang and marched forever into the distance. A chorus of buckshot, flies buzzing over rotten flesh. A mountain of skulls ghostly voids proudly marking the trail of their crossing. Fed fat on blood and excess they sing, sing, singing … Continue reading

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A Reintroduction of Red

The around him swam in ocean of cannibalistic color, shapes bending breaking like liquid thought, unbreakable steel world around him no longer so. It was his, this small peace he’d found and placed under his skin. He could feel his … Continue reading

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