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The ‘Kegger’ Question

There was an argument, or rather a statement met with silence that he had said he wanted a ‘kegger’ at my grandfather’sĀ funeral. The kids, the proper family, couldn’t reconcile this. The man who swore to his mother as a young … Continue reading

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The Day the Rain Poured Down

Sometimes, we botch things. Not on purpose and never without reason, but the crushing fallout of having to embrace one’s personal failures is a particularly hard pill to swallow. I’ve noticed in my limited time on this earth that people … Continue reading

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Porcelain Confessions

“I didn’t do nothing illegal, just need to go to detox.” the voice is a whimper. “Just gotta go to detox.” He pisses into the urinal. murmuring his mantra, intersected with more swirling howls of “oh” and “god”, each word … Continue reading

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Matters of Respect and Democracy

People tell me that I’m not being respectful when I argue. That I’m somehow obligated to be more sensitiveĀ in the crucifying of people with undefendable, hateful opinions. What’s more, they get all indignant when the levee breaks and the violence … Continue reading

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Post Processing

There are certain parts of grief that seem to change with every passing moment. Little broken things that shift in the soul like shattered glass and at their worst break something else amid their rattling. I figure the pieces can … Continue reading

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