I want it to be perfect. I want you to read it and want me in the way same way I drag myself in circles to try and forget about you. I want it to make you cry. I want you to laugh, soulful and overjoyed in its truth and stupidity. I want you to make the world sit still for just one second. I want– for one perfect moment– to stop loving in a world littered with the remains of failed seekers and to know what it is to find, to know by the touch of your lips that some fraction of this world is real, and that if you are a part of it, it is enough.

About Tietsu

Someday the words that fill my brain will fill cheap paperback books. Until then, I will collect them here.
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2 Responses to Perfect

  1. I can feel your hurt here, I hope you know you may not be perfect to whom it was written or directed too, but you’re perfect to someone. I love that your home estate and share your emotions. You write in a manner I write, without a filter. It’s raw and honest.

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  2. Tietsu says:

    Writing is the closest thing I ever get to being honest with myself or indeed the world around me. It is always so disappointing to realize that the truth is one so bogged down by melancholy. Still these longings have their place, unreachable and unrealistic as they may be, they treat the soul like the related cousin of the ambrosia; a nectar sweeter than any wine, yet so devoid of air as leave you believing you are drowning.

    Again, I am grateful to have found you among my audience. It is often a lonely thing writing these post, like screaming into the wind and hoping the rocks will smile or share in your sorrow.


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