The Thing About Boys

“Here’s the thing about boys: they die young. They’ve got bad hearts, bad brains, and from the time their balls drop they are on a singular path towards destruction. What is machismo? A disposition to see them die by each other’s hands before the woman gets fed up with them and does it herself.

“You do the work, like petulant little workers you build the buildings, file down its walls, and bend the world so it fits your shape. At least you did. Now in a world of computers, robotics, and an endless stream of muscular replacements, you’re losing that purpose.

“You double down on your masculinity. Pick fights like demented cave children. Kill each other in streets over shoes, over ideas and parking spaces. You do it because deep down you know that the curtain is closing in around you.

“So do it. Take what you want. Destroy, murder, hate because it gives you purpose. But know that there are a thousand women who could do it just like you. You are not special. The blood on your hands doesn’t make you attractive, it makes you a target.

“That look in your eyes…it’s cute. You don’t believe me…or …you don’t know do you? It’s okay. You don’t have to. Your gender never really did.”

About Tietsu

Someday the words that fill my brain will fill cheap paperback books. Until then, I will collect them here.
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