I have stumbled upon what appears to be a wormhole in the forest. My citizens will periodically appears on the ass-end of the map and begin the long and arduous trek back down to the warm comfort of their homes. Often these citizens tend to be the elders of my town, which leads me to believe there is some sort of half-hearted Rapture going on.

So far I have lost twelve of my citizens to this curse, the most heart breaking of which was my dear woodcutter, Marvin, who somewhere between the 20 yards from his work and his home was cast to the far reaches of the wilderness and forced to crawl cold and hungry back to his home only to die as he neared a hunting lodge. I can only assume that the hunters did right by him and turned him into leather so that he may be handed over to his wife and fourteen year old daughter.

Cruel as fate is I am not an evil man. I have erected a graveyard with a pub adjacent so that they may ponder the madness that took their loved ones through the blurry-eyed comfort of drink.

May the lord give up on this sick practical joke, and deliver my citizens back into the arms of a coherent and rational universe.

About Tietsu

Someday the words that fill my brain will fill cheap paperback books. Until then, I will collect them here.
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