Book Non-Review: Red Rising by Pierce Brown


Red Rising by Pierce Brown – Available Somewhere (I’m not helping you find it) 

Step #1: Make a first person narrator that complains about his dystopian society and how much its inequality pisses him off.

Step #2: Introduce stilted conversation where narrator’s wife tells him he needs to fight the proverbial machine and people will listen to him if he tells them what to do.

Step #3: Have narrator then become defensive and proclaim in absolute seriousness that he is obedient, despite the very first chapters proving to the contrary just so you can have some thinly veiled pretext for an unwilling hero (despite him saying that he is good looking and people look up to and listen to him).

Step #4: Have the narrator earnestly ask whether his wife was telling him to start a revolution.

Step #5: Lose me as a reader because I have no time for your bullshit.

“F***! Seriously? F*** off. That’s it. Screw it. I’m done.” – Me, Rage Quitting

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