Book Review: The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker



The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker – Available Here

I don’t read contemporary literature anywhere near the time of their initial release. They are read ‘contemporarily’, yes, but usually years away from their initial release and, forgive me, often by people who don’t care, don’t need, my readership (*cough* Gaiman *cough*).

This is different. There is power in reading a new book, an, as of yet, underappreciated book. If few people read if you’re review stands taller, among fewer, often smaller shrubs.

How do I sell this book? How do I tell you how much I love this book, hate Whitaker for writing such a daftly beautiful debut novel as to put every effort my pitiful novelist soul has ever mustered to shame?

I am not sure that I can. But I want to. I want to force you to buy, to give this book your time, to mandate that you pray at its altar and in such guarantee another like it. That you launch this author’s career with your heart, money, and soul and deliver her to the echelons of others loved in their time. Authors whose talent and intelligence are sprayed across the annals of moment and if time proves it capable, history.

You may have noticed I didn’t talk much about this book’s plot. You are right. I haven’t. But I want you to read it anyway. It is a lovely, human, heartbreaking, and humor-soaked book with a style that is both approachable and beautiful. Read it. Don’t ask what it’s about. There are people. They do people things and it is tragic and beautiful and when the moon is right, slightly pornographic.

It is a life on the page. And these are the types of books I love. Beautiful, human, and filled to the brim with paradox.

BAH! Just read the damn book.

“Our Kotex commercial airs the same week the article is released. We were hired to design something “pad-centric” when “Nashville Combat” was in postproduction and we were subsisting on lentils and six-packs of PBR. We were instructed to steal some thunder from tampon usage with a “fun, light-hearted spot” showcasing the company’s new Super Light Close-to-You sanitary napkin. “Isn’t that a Carpenters song?” Mel said after they approached us.” ― Kayla Rae Whitaker, The Animators

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  1. Ha! I’d best add this to my ‘to read’ list then.


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