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Book Review: The Age of Em: Work, Love, and Life when Robots Rule the Earth by Robin Hanson

You want to know how to get me to hate you? Tell me about how shitty science fiction is at predicting the future and then smugly espousing just how much more right you are than anyone else. At that point, … Continue reading

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Book Non-Review: Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Step #1: Make a first person narrator that complains about his dystopian society and how much its inequality pisses him off. Step #2: Introduce stilted conversation where narrator’s wife tells him he needs to fight the proverbial machine and people … Continue reading

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I love you

I love you. I’m not entirely certain who you are, but rest assured at this moment my love is as real and thriving as anything I’ve ever felt. Sure it may be linked to the liquor coursing through my veins, … Continue reading

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Matters of Respect and Democracy

People tell me that I’m not being respectful when I argue. That I’m somehow obligated to be more sensitive in the crucifying of people with undefendable, hateful opinions. What’s more, they get all indignant when the levee breaks and the violence … Continue reading

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