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The Hither and Thither of Friends

The world is a strange place. People ebb and flow from you life with an almost unnatural fluidity. I say unnatural only because it is unwanted, as really there is little else more natural in all of existence. You find … Continue reading

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The Only Part of You He Had

Eight months. Eight months she’d been gone. Buried under a litany of nightmares and choked down tears. You spend enough time crying eventually you to hide it, let it out it bursts, little moments of weakness as the new status … Continue reading

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Final Exodus

So this is another thing I found in the high school folder of my umpteen-backuped writing folder. The difference between this one and the one before is that this one is something that was rewritten nearly a decade later and … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

There is something pleasant about books that take their time. In a world where bestsellers filled with rough and tumble detectives and cut-throat espionage, it’s hard not to think that in a world more and more dedicated to immediate satisfaction, … Continue reading

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Sugar, Spice, and Insulin

It’s only the third of January and I’m already waiting for a new year, some sort of arbitrary clean slate to make things new. I brace myself against a guard rail and watch the slow stream of people enter the … Continue reading

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Stroke to Seizure

Irises clogged with passing shreds of something that might be himself, he breathes, blowing heavy through tight lips. the sounds of the TV bruised by the thickness of the dread-built nightmares standing in the room. One can feel the world … Continue reading

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