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Book Review: Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

Initially, I wasn’t sure how well this book was going to work. It supposedly dealt with the same existential issues as Dandelion Wine, but simultaneously tells a story meant to inspire horror. Obviously, it’s possible, it’s just a tricky business … Continue reading

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Call of the Water

The sound of the waves splash hard against the jagged rocks scattered across the shore ad infinitum. They all came here, first humbly, then in droves. They came to see the creature that just sat there, listening. One day they … Continue reading

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After the End

Dressed in enough layers to warm the dead, he wandered in from the street, caked in ash and smelling of chlorine. Through the ashen death coat his eyes showed a perfect green almost glowing in the toneless world behind him. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell

It’s a novella that was the basis for a movie that apparently everyone but me actually saw in some form or another. That being said I’m not so disconnected from the cultural zeitgeist to be unaware of it’s existence, so I … Continue reading

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Murder in Blank Spaces

Tied to an exterior support beam of a house hidden by trees,  a man screams, hands clasped together, wrapped in adhesive red tape. The sounds of the whip claps across his back like bemused applause. A camera watches, a man, … Continue reading

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