Book Review: Song of Susannah by Stephen King (The Dark Tower #6)


Song of Susannah by Stephen King (The Dark Tower #6) – Available Here

Finally, we are back to proper pace. No longer strangling back in the rooms of the past or the empty pathways of a dusty, broken town, we are dragged back into a rhythm closer to that of The Drawing of the Three with a tripling down of the time spent in the present. The fuse is lit and everything moves with the fierce determined moral ambivalence of Ka.

The actions scenes pop the way they must, The Gunslinger vs The Mafia. Enter King and the creative bloom of a man who knows where things must land before the powder keg finally goes off.

The battle’s now begun!
And all the foes of men and rose
Rise with the setting sun.”

“The gunslinger said, “I used to think the most terrible thing would be to reach the Dark Tower and find the top room empty. The God of all universes either dead or nonexistent in the first place. But now…suppose there is someone there, Eddie? Someone in charge who turns out to be…” He couldn’t finish.

Eddie could. “Someone who turns out to be just another bumhug? Is that it? God not dead but feeble-minded and malicious?” ― Stephen King, Song of Susannah

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